God’s Blueprint for Marriage

Psalm 127: 1

Except the LORD build the house, they labor in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman wakes but in vain.

Many couples set out to build loving relationships without a plan or blueprint.  They only hope things will work out without any definite guidelines and structure.  Many times they are using the wrong materials in their construction and their measurements are off.  That is, some couples are trying to use the materials of selfishness, malice, and disrespect for their walls; the boards of kindness and affection are too short for the floors; the boards of anger are too long in the bedroom, and the “foundations of love” have many cracks in them.  Besides, the termites of unforgiveness eat away at the framework of marriages and many relationships are destroyed.  Consequently, these self-directed projects have led to many “code” violations.

However, the Lord has provided a blueprint for husbands (men) and wives (women) to build their marriages.  It is a joint-venture involving both husbands and wives.  That is, husbands are asked to construct the walls of love, sacrifice, and kindness.  Women are asked to construct the walls of support, respect, and submission.  In addition, the foundation is to be mortar-mixed by the fruit of the Spirit and the roof is to be shingled by the Word of God.  One of the main features of this building is that the blueprint calls for the construction of a “Son” room.  It is a guest room where Jesus can dwell and provide guidance and direction for married couples according to God’s blueprint: the Bible.

Moreover, following God’s design for marriage is the only sure way to avoid “code violations” and produce lasting relationships.  In fact, husbands and wives utilizing the blueprint of God to build their marriages are guaranteed to pass inspection and bring their relationships up to code. God is the inspector—He may be coming to visit us next.  Will we pass or fail?